David Duchovny is hatching a revenge plan against Tate Donovan, after the actor beat him in a recent triathlon.

The two were among a host of celebrities - including Estella Warren, Felicity Huffman and JAMES DENTON - who participated in last month's (SEP05) 19th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon in California.

And after Donovan, ex-fiance of Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, beat him former X-FILES star Duchovny hatched plans to exact his revenge.

He says, I came in seventh... out of 15. They have what you call the celebrity division.

"There's this guy, Tate Donovan, an actor, and he's like a professional. I have a vendetta against him now because he finished so far ahead of me that he was actually at the finish line with glass of champagne and getting massaged, cheering me on as I passed. He didn't have a glass of champagne, but I thought, 'This is war now! If you're going to finish and shower and comb your hair and then watch me finish that's not right.'

"I'll do it again next year. It's fun and paediatric AIDS is the cause that we're doing it for.

"I would like to choose something that I could beat Tate in... Maybe we could play basketball, but I don't know if Tate is bad!"