David Duchovny is set to shock fans with what is being called "the dirtiest TV programme ever." In new U.S. cable show Californication, the former X-Files star plays an irreverent writer who enjoys sex with nuns and mums and offers expletives in every sentence. In the opening episode of the dark adult comedy, which debuts in America in August (07), Duchovny's character blasphemes in a church, allows a nun to unzip his pants, has sex with a married woman and introduces his 13-year-old daughter to a naked female "friend." Rolling Stone magazine reports, "It's the dirtiest program that's ever graced our TV without requiring our credit card number first. "While we admit to getting a kick out of watching Agent Mulder (X-Files character) ogle nine naked breasts in one episode and reclaim a sexual term we haven't heard since junior high, we also love this show because it's an adult comedy that manages to actually be adult."