David Duchovny is planning to return to the X-FILES role that made him a household name.

The actor, whose departure from the TV sci-fi hit led to the show's demise, is in talks with X-Files creator Chris Carter to recreate his Fox MULDER character for a new movie.

And he doesn't mind the fact he'll most likely be appearing without his former sidekick, Gillian Anderson, because Carter has a much bigger movie star name to tempt him with.

Duchovny says, "Apparently Chris Carter has this plan for another actor or actress who can really score in another thriller sci-fi role. I think it definitely will happen.

"It will have to be a stand alone project with a really great part for a guest star. Chris has an idea and keeps threatening to tell me, and I wish they would tell me soon. They're just writing it now so we'll be doing it in the next year."

30/03/2004 09:46