David Duchovny is hoping the new X-FILES movie is a major success - because he is desperate to make a third film in the series.
Although the TV show officially ended in 2002, the cast are back with The X-Files: I Want To Believe - the second film in the sci-fi franchise - which hit U.S. cinemas this month (Jul08).
But Duchovny is already planning for a third film - as he would love to resurrect his character, FBI agent Fox Mulder, once again.
He says, "Chris Carter (creator) has said something about 2012 (for a third film). It depends very much on this film. I know we've made a great thriller/horror/creepy movie. Simply put, if it does the right kind of business, we'll be able to make more.
"We hope it becomes kind of a film franchise. Coming back was always something I wanted to do. I would love to follow Mulder as he got older and older."