Actor David Duchovny wants to quit Hollywood for a new life in Vancouver - so he can prove to locals how much he loves the Canadian city.

Duchovny upset Vancouver residents in 1997 when he joked about the coastal city on comedian CONAN O'BRIEN's show - prompting rumours that filming on his old series THE X-FILES was being moved to Los Angeles because he hated being in Canada.

But after making a visit to Vancouver after a long absence to film his new comedy Connie And Carla, Duchovny admits he'd happily move north of the border.

He says, "I made a joke about how it rained all the time there and I became like public enemy number one for a while. I'm starting to look for land up there to buy because I apologised all I could and it seems the only thing I can do is actually move up there to prove that I love it, which I do.

"So I will stop at nothing to actually show that I love Vancouver and I will move there if I have to and live the rest of my life in Vancouver. It's a beautiful city."

07/04/2004 09:45