David Duchovny insists the hugely-anticipated X-FILES movie sequel will take place, despite a string of delays. The film has been in the pipeline for more than six years but shooting has yet to materialise after legal wrangles, studio hiccups and scheduling conflicts disrupted pre-production. But star Duchovny, who plays special agent FOX MULDER alongside Gillian Anderson, is adamant the sci-fi project is still on track. He says, "It's always on the horizon. I'm still very much in touch with (creator) Chris Carter, Gillian. Both Gillian and I are positive about it. It's not like we're running from it. There are some legal things that need to be resolved over at Fox." Duchovny adds there is an "idea" for a sequel in place already, but no final script. The movie will pick up four years after the 2002 TV finale that left Mulder and DANA SCULLY on the run from the FBI.