Actor David Duchovny can't wait to begin work on the X-FILES movie sequel, because he's desperate to resurrect the character that made him a household name.

Duchovny has confirmed scriptwriters are busy working on a follow-up to the hit 1998 film, and is certain the time is right to bring alien-chasing FBI agent FOX MULDER back to life.

The hunky actor - who first appeared in the long-running TV series of the same title in 1993 - says, "I'm at the point where I finally miss it.

"I wanted the grind to end, but I never wanted the show just to end. And I'd always had this fantasy and hope that it would be a movie franchise.

"Hopefully, this second movie will give it a foundation as such."

It's not yet known if Gillian Anderson will reprise her role as Mulder's partner, DANA SCULLY.

09/04/2004 02:17