David Duchovny was forced to cut short the final scene of Neil LaBute play THE BREAK OF NOON after a flying stunt went wrong at a recent show, leaving him standing solo on stage.
The X-Files actor has starred in the Off Broadway production, about a man who survives a horrific mass shooting, since October (10).
The final act ends with a spotlight on the actor as theatre goes black, and he mysteriously levitates above.
But Duchovny was left awkwardly standing with his arms out, ready to be lifted, during one particularly embarrassing production.
He explains, "We had this magic trick. It was black on black and I'm wearing black jeans and I'm doing my final monologue. This black bicycle seat comes out on a black pole, and as I'm standing there I've got to get on to it and then it goes up but I've got to get my a** on there. One day it didn't happen.
"I look up at the stage manager and... I knew something was wrong.
"I don't feel the seat and I go, I'm just gonna stay here. So I finish my monologue and I hold my position... The lights stay on and after about 10 seconds I just said, 'Alright, good night.'"