David Duchovny has given his children MADELAINE and KYD the OK to punch pal Bart Freundlich in the genitals after the director's child attacked and winded the actor in a scene for their latest movie. CAL, the director's son by actress Julianne Moore, makes his acting debut opposite his mother and Duchovny in new movie TRUST THE MAN - and made his mark on the actor with one low blow. Duchovny is convinced the seven-year-old only took the role after he learned he'd get the chance to punch him in the gonads. He says, "I'm standing in the kitchen with his fictional mother in the movie, who I'm having an affair with, which is why he's supposed to punch me in the balls. "It's our first take and Cal, having not worked before and getting so primed, can only think about punching me in the balls. "But it's not in this section of the scene and I'm not padded. Even I've been priming him because I wanted him to really be able to punch. He's a sweet kid and I think he knew he'd hurt me. "Anyway, I can see he's coming to punch me in the balls and I've got nothing on now... I see him cock his arm and I'm shouting, 'No, no, this isn't the scene!' "I ran behind the counter, saying, 'No Cal!' But I wound up getting punched in the balls twice - when he wasn't supposed to and when he finally did it in the right scene. "Now my children have to have the chance to punch Bart in the balls at some point."