David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leoni have dreamed up a plan to turn their six-year-old daughter MADELAINE WEST off Santa Claus they're going to blame him for giving her a set of bad gifts.

The Hollywood couple have noticed that their daughter is starting to question whether or not Santa is real, so they're planning to end her curiosity by turning her against him.

Leoni says, "My daughter is just now on the cusp of (asking if Santa is real). We wanna sort of break her into it gently, so we're gonna just tell her, 'Yes, Mom and Dad do give some presents and Santa gives some.'

"We have a really good plan, which is that the presents that are cr**py we'll say they're from Santa. And then what will happen is that she won't want Santa anymore. She'll reject him and then she will say, 'Listen, I'm not with these cr**py presents from Santa!'"