David Duchovny feels like he still hasn't grown up.

The 'X Files' actor - who turns 50 in August - has found a newfound maturity since been treated for sex addiction in 2008, but still feels like he's got a way to go.

He said: "I still feel like I haven't grown up. But I can judge from my work that I'm a lot more of a man than I was five years ago.

"Maybe I'm late. Maybe I'm on time. I'm happy it happened. It's something you have to do. I paid attention. I didn't coast. I asked some hard questions. I took some hard answers. I learned humility."

David has also been learning how to display humility since the turbulent period of his life which saw him briefly split from his wife Tea Leoni and enter rehab, which has since aided him in reconciling with her.

David - who stars in new film 'The Joneses' alongside Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus - added to the USA Today newspaper: "In the US, oddly, we have images of men as arrogant and aggressive.

"Humility is considered an un-masculine quality. What I found in the last five years is that humility is a Beautiful Thing.

"Before, I was focused on winning and deserving. I would say, 'Oh, I deserve that.' That's not grateful. Grateful is, 'Wow. I'm lucky. That's fantastic.' "

The 'Joneses' features David as Steve Jones - head of a family who tries to convince everyone they meet to buy into their extravagant lifestyle, while secretly operating as salesmen for the products they are promoting.