The 56-year-old actor appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night (01Sep16), alongside Danny McBride, who revealed he fell in love with his wife after they took magic mushrooms together.

Asked by host James if he had any experience with drugs of the mind-altering variety, David replied: "The most recent one was when I wanted to relax after a long week of work and a friend of mine gave me the medicinal chocolates - it’s an edible thing.

"They had the strength on them but I didn’t really pay attention to that, and sometimes three looks like an eight if the wrapper is folded the wrong way. So I had one, no effect, had another, no effect, I called my friend and said, ‘These are worthless, I had two and I’m going to have the third one right now’. And he was like, ‘No! Don’t have the third one!’"

David may not have had the third chocolate, but he quickly learned that two was enough - describing the experience as "horrible".

The tablets kicking in also led to David putting on quite the show for his neighbours.

"I started shaking and I ended up taking off all my clothes and going out on the back porch like a lizard on a hot rock, trying to get warm," he recalled. "Because I couldn’t get warm and I was trying to lay on a hot tile - like a lizard, you know?!"

Danny and host James then joked with David that he had actually never come off that rock and was still tripping from his chocolates, to which he replied: "This s**t is good!"