Actor David Cross is set to make history with his directorial debut Hits after unveiling plans to release the film online and allow fans to pick their price.

The Arrested Development star premiered the dark comedy, which explores "the nature of fame", at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah a year ago (14), but he was not satisfied with the distribution deals he was offered and decided to embrace modern technology to allow devotees the chance to pay however much they wanted to download and watch the project over the Internet.

Hits will be the first feature film to be distributed via the BitTorrent Bundle website when it goes live on 13 February (15).

Cross has also launched a campaign to raise extra funds to cover distribution costs to get the film in theatres outside of initial markets in Los Angeles and New York, where it will receive a theatrical release next month (Feb15).

He says, "For me, this is all about offering as many fans as possible the opportunity to see this film. What we would do with the money we raise here is go out to a number of different cities, rent and pay for a theatre, the staffing, marketing, and then fans can pay what they want to see the film. The more money we raise, the more cities we can go to."

Cross unveiled the crowd-funding campaign on Wednesday (07Jan15) and had raised over $23,000 (£14,375) from more than 270 backers within hours.

He has until 4 February (15) to hit his target of $100,000 (£62,500).