David Cross has lifted the lid on his longstanding feud with Jim Belushi - blaming the actor's refusal to sign an autograph for a sick child back in 1995 for sparking their tense relations.
The pair shared the screen 14 years ago in Destiny Turns on the Radio - but Cross was offended when his efforts to gain a signature from Belushi to grant one devotee's wish were ignored by the arrogant star.
The Arrested Development star has hated Belushi ever since, taking aim at the actor at every opportunity - and he insists he is still holding out for an apology.
He tells the New York Daily News, "This woman's kid is sick - how about doing the right thing and giving him an autograph?
"That guy was a full-on, 100 per cent d**chebag. It was a real incident. If anything, I'd hope if I saw him now he'd apologise."