Rock legend David Crosby is rewriting his biography - as a tribute to the lovechild he's now touring with.

Crosby's 1998 book LONG TIME GONE was a big hit, but now the CROSBY, STILLS + NASH star has decided there's more to add after meeting his son James RAYMOND, having a baby and almost dying from liver problems.

Raymond, a composer, met his birth father for the first time when he was recovering from a liver transplant, and now the pair have teamed up to go on the road.

And Crosby plans to tell all about the reunion with the kid he gave up at birth.

He says, "No sooner than I do the first book they're telling me, 'You're dying, your wife is pregnant, the IRS wants your house, the earthquake knocked your house down - oh, and you have a long-lost son and he's a musician, and you're a grandfather.'"

He admits his long-lost son has been the biggest surprise.

He explains, "He's this brilliant young guy and he's cool. I'm stunned. He's a better musician than I am."

Crosby's new tome will be called THE S**T I DIDN'T TELL YOU THE FIRST TIME, and his son is delighted at being accepted by his dad.

He says, "We're good friends. We both had kids within four months of each other and we're raising these little kids of the same age."

30/07/2003 09:07