The woman who accused illusionist David Copperfield of sexually assaulting her has been charged with prostitution.
Lacey Carroll claimed Copperfield raped her on his private island in the Bahamas in 2007, but federal prosecutors dropped the investigation earlier this month (Jan10) after her credibility was called into question.
And now Carroll is at the centre of a new investigation after she was questioned by Washington state police over allegations she tried to extort $2,000 (£1,250) from a businessman for sex.
An official police report suggests she told a businessman she would have intercourse with him for cash after performing oral sex on him in a hotel room in Bellevue, Washington on 2 December (09).
When he refused to pay, the woman complained to hotel staff she had been "taken advantage of."
She called the cops to report harassment and was taken to have a rape examination. Her account of events was questioned by cops after they viewed the hotel's security footage, reports
And now the Bellevue City Prosecutor's Office in Washington has filed charges against her.
Carroll is also charged with filing a false police report.