Art is imitating life for troubled star David Cassidy and his actress daughter Katie - he's battling alcoholism as her lawyer character on U.S. Tv show Arrow struggles with sobriety.

The Seventies pop and Tv icon was sentenced to serve 90 days in rehab and complete a nine-month alcohol programme after pleading no contest to his latest Dui charge in court on Tuesday (25Mar14).

In an ironic twist, his daughter's Tv character, Laurel Lance, is currently battling alcohol issues following the death of her boyfriend, and during Wednesday night's (26Mar14) Arrow episode, the Tv legal eagle attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and then had to be dissuaded from drinking brandy from the bottle during a tense hostage crisis.

In a Tv interview with newsman Piers Morgan on Monday (24Mar14), David Cassidy confessed, "If I take another drink, I'm going to die, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I'm dead."

He added, "I am most definitely an alcoholic... I had been lying to myself and consequently lying to everyone else about my disease."

The 63 year old's January (14) arrest was his third Dui since 2010.

There's more trouble brewing for the Cassidy family - David's third wife Sue filed for divorce last month (Feb14).

Katie, 27, is his daughter from a previous relationship with actress Sherry Williams.