The Daydreamer singer, 66, announced on his website that a concert in Santa Barbara, California, on 19 February (17) will be his last show on America's West Coast, and will also mark the end of his time on the road.

"The February 18th & 19th shows will be the last 2 shows that I ever do on the West Coast of the USA. Traveling and my arthritis has certainly made these cross country shows much more difficult for me now," his statement read. "As most of you know, I live very happily in South Florida as it makes my life much more manageable."

The musician and actor has two shows nearer home, in Rhode Island and New York in early March (17), but is now planning to wind down his career.

"What a remarkable, long-lived career I have been blessed to have," he added. "I love my band, whom are all very gifted, as friends. Most have now been with me for years, performing around the world and of course mostly here in the USA and Canada.

"Of course, I'm planning on working less and less due to travel. However, I've never loved playing live in concert as much as I have in the past few years."

He concluded his message by writing that he was not totally finished with music, but will now work "much less" due to his joint trouble, with the Associated Press reporting that the former teen idol will wrap up his career at the end of 2017.