David Cassidy, the 60-year-old American actor and once teen heartthrob, has been arrested in Florida and charged with driving under the influence, reports the New York Daily News. Cassidy had admitted to drinking one glass of wine and taking a painkiller, but investigators claim that they found a half bottle of bourbon in his car.
The actor, best known for his role in the popular 1970's show 'The Patridge Family, was arrested after police spotted his white Mercedes weaving across the road. TMZ report that once Cassidy was instructed to step out of the vehicle, he was 'swaying while standing", and his blood alcohol content allegedly measured 0.139 and then 0.141 - the state limit is .08.
Cassidy's rep, JO-ANN GEFFEN, claims that the actor was not drunk when he got behind the wheel, saying that he may have been sleep deprived after attending a funeral earlier that morning, adding, "He's never been arrested in his life before for anything". The actor was released from custody at 3.22am today (4th November 2010).