The search for an Austrian woman accused of stalking CSI: MIAMI star David Caruso has gone global - Austrian authorities have issued an international arrest warrant for her.
The unnamed 41-year-old - whose identity is protected under the country's privacy laws - was due to stand trial in April (08) for stalking and threatening to kill Caruso at a court in Innsbruck.
The woman failed to show up to court and a judge subsequently issued a warrant for her arrest.
She has been missing ever since - and now Judge Guenther Boehler has taken the search to an international level, according to Innsbruck Provincial Court spokesman Thomas Lechner.
The woman is alleged to have bombarded Caruso with more than 100 letters in her attempt to get the TV star's autograph. But when her repeated requests were snubbed, the suspect reportedly threatened the life of Caruso and his then-girlfriend Lisa Marquez in another letter.
A 2007 letter posted to the actor, said to be from the suspect, read: "I will locate you and your ugly Latina tramp and kill you."
The suspect now faces up to three years behind bars if she is found guilty under Austria's stalking laws, as well as the possibility of additional prison time for eluding justice.