Actor David Carradine wed in his Kill Bill co-star Michael Madsen's back yard in a bid to avoid media mayhem.
The star decided to marry for the fifth time in December 2004 and wanted the ceremony to be as private as possible, so he took over his pal's house.
Carradine reveals he dreamed of a beach wedding but quickly discovered that any public seaside ceremony would become an easy target for the paparazzi.
He says, "We decided we didn't want publicity. We wanted to get married just between ourselves and our children and the judge, who is an old friend of the family.
"I realised that I hear about these secret celebrity marriages the day after they happen and I don't think anybody is really trying to have a truly secret marriage. But most of the fans and most of the media don't even know that I'm married.
"It can be a total secret. There's no reason why the helicopters have to show up. We were originally gonna do it on a public beach some place until we found out you have to register to do that and get a permit, so immediately they'd call up the media and the paparazzi would be showing up.
"That's why we ended up doing it in Michael's private backyard. He lives at the beach and we were barefoot in the water. It was a gorgeous day."