Leading British politician David Cameron has hit out at influential radio DJ TIM WESTWOOD for promoting violence. Cameron, who is the leader of the UK's Conservative Party and Prime Minister Tony Blair's main rival, claims Westwood's Saturday hip-hop show on BBC Radio 1 encourages young people to carry weapons. He says, "I would say to Radio 1, 'Do you realise that some of the stuff you play on Saturday nights encourages people to carry guns and knives?'" On Tuesday (07JUN06), the BBC brushed aside complaints of homophobia after US rapper The Game branded gay men "faggots" and "not real men" on the JO WILEY SHOW last July (05). BBC governors ruled the interview "met the required editorial standards and did not demonstrate homophobia". And the esteemed broadcaster has hit back at Cameron's comments. A spokesperson says, "Radio 1 strongly refutes any suggestion that the station condones or encourages knife culture. The station has strict guidelines that govern all of the output. "Hip-hop is a huge international genre with a vibrant UK scene and that music reflects the sometimes harsher realities of people's lives and cultures." Westwood fell victim to gun crime in 1999 when he was shot in a drive-by shooting in south London. He was kept under armed guard while he recovering from his wounds in hospital.