British Prime Minister David Cameron has denied that any "grand deal" existed between himself and Rupert Murdoch for Murdoch's News Corp's bid to take over all of satellite broadcaster BSkyB to win government approval. In a BBC interview, Cameron acknowledged that he had discussed the bid with Murdoch at a dinner party in December 2010 at the home of Rebekah Brooks, who at the time was the CEO of News International. The dinner took place just days after a member of Cameron's government, Business Secretary Vince Cable, remarked that he had "declared war" on Murdoch. Cameron said that he told Murdoch that Cable's remark "was unacceptable. It was embarrassing for the government." He said that he also told Murdoch that "from now on this whole issue would be dealt with impartially, properly, in the correct way." Asked by the BBC reporter whether he now regrets attending that party, Cameron replied, "Clearly, after all that's been written and said about it, yes, of course one might do things differently."