Internet reports suggesting David Bowie's longtime collaborator Mick Ronson was celebrity DJs MARK and Samantha Ronson's dad got so out of hand even the late guitarist's wife believed they were true.
The siblings' stepfather is Foreigner star Mick Jones, but many music writers incorrectly linked them to Ronson - and the 'fact' stuck in many early reviews and articles.
Mark Ronson tells Spin magazine, "It was, like, the first Internet rumour that went wrong. It got picked up by everyone and just got written as if it were a fact.
"It got to the point where Mick Ronson's widow called my mum and was like, 'Did you have illegitimate children by my deceased husband?'"
And the DJ admits there are still mix-ups over his parentage: "People are always like, 'So your dad's Mick Ronson...?' And I'm like, 'No, he's Mick Jones.' And they're like, '... from The Clash?'
"I should just wear a Foreigner T-shirt all the time."