The Let's Dance singer passed away on 10 January (16) after a battle with cancer, and his former bandmate Wakeman later headed into the studio to create "a celebration of David" by recording piano versions of Space Oddity and Life on Mars, tracks he originally played on.

The songs have now been released digitally and proceeds from sales will be donated to U.K. charity MACmillan Cancer Support.

Wakeman tells U.K. TV show Good Morning Britain that he was inspired to create the charity project after receiving messages on social media suggesting a Bowie tribute release.

He says, "So many people wrote and said, 'Why don't you do a single to benefit a cancer charity?' and that stemmed from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands... We shot into the studio, recorded Life on Mars and Space Oddity and just moved like crazy. We got in touch with MACmillan Cancer Support who are wonderful, and they cover all forms of people suffering from cancer and their families and we thought there can't really be a better charity that everyone understands what they can do and they (at MACmillan) loved the idea. So we've put it all together to benefit them.

"I knew David well enough to think that if he could pop back down for half an hour... he would absolutely 100 per cent approve of his passing helping a really, really good charity."