The Shout hitmaker began a brief romance with the rocker in 1974, and that same year, she released The Man Who Sold The World, which Bowie co-produced and was the title track from his third studio album.

The song peaked at number three on the U.K. music charts, and she's ready to bring it back into her repertoire to pay homage to Bowie, who died earlier this month (Jan16) following a battle with cancer.

"I can't not sing The Man Who Sold The World. I can't not do that song," she tells the Press Association. "That was a very big important point in my career and I had a personal relationship, albeit for a moment."

Lulu also acknowledged Bowie's widow Iman and their family for staying strong during the tough time, adding, "Like everyone of his generation, I feel sad for him, but I feel really sad, because I'm a woman, for his wife and for his family. From what I can tell, I think they're coping with it beautifully and I think he came to terms with his death quite admirably."

Lulu embarks on her U.K. tour beginning in March (16).