The fashion model was honoured with the Voice Award at the charity's Illumination Gala on Tuesday (25Oct16), which was hosted by actress Jennifer Garner. As she took to the microphone to thank Save the Children officials for the gift, Iman became emotional as her thoughts turned to musician David, who passed away just two days after his 69th birthday in January (16) following a secret battle with liver cancer.

"My husband, David, was also a staunch supporter of human rights and devoted an innumerable amount of time and resources, which he chose to do anonymously," Iman, who is an ambassador for the organisation, told the crowd.

"I share this award with him, knowing that the fire in him lit the fire in me, and vice versa. Good partnerships have a habit of doing that. So while this work is never done, I'm grateful and humble by this recognition."

On top of her work for Save the Children, Iman is also a spokesperson for Keep a Child Alive, while she works closely with the Children's Defense Fund and supports the Enough Project, which is focused on ending global trade of conflict materials.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Illumination Gala in New York, the Somali-born star, 61, explained why she supports the cause, which raises funds to help children have a better start in life, provide more education and prevent newborn, maternal and child death rates.

"When you are a refugee and you are in other places and when you're in a war torn country, you really are stripped away of your own dignity. So with the Save the Children, that's what you get. You get your own dignity back," she noted.