David Bowie has snapped up a collection of masks based on his own face to add to his personal archive of memorabilia.

The British rocker discovered London-based artist Mark Wardel's work through a dedicated team he employs to locate art inspired by his career.

Bowie ordered two masks at $400 (£250) each and upon seeing the product, he bought a whole set of the fake faces.

Wardel tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "I had a call before Christmas from Bowie's agent saying the man himself was interested in buying some of my masks. I wondered how he knew I had them but I was told Bowie employs people to keep a look out for people making images or art work of him. I was told not to worry as Bowie loves the mask and wants to buy them for his archive.

"I spent days making two of them and sent them off to New York and got a message back saying Bowie loved them and thought they were gorgeous. He now wants to buy the whole set. Because of Bowie's interest I have now had to take them off the market. I am now making more to send to him and I will have a re-launch of them with an exhibition."