David Bowie's son Duncan Jones refused to take up music during his childhood - as a way of rebelling against his chart-topping father.
Jones - who was born Zowie Bowie - is now a movie director, but while he was growing up Ziggy Stardust creator Bowie desperately tried to get him to follow in his footsteps.
Jones insists distancing himself from his father's profession helped him deal with having a famous dad.
He says, "That was one of my big rebellions when I was growing up. I had absolutely nothing to do with music. I'm better now but when I was growing up I couldn't take it seriously whenever I would hear or see anything with my dad in it."
Bowie encouraged Jones to learn a number of instruments including the piano, saxophone and drums, but he refused - something he now regrets.
But the pair eventually found a way to connect - Bowie sparked Jones' interest in film when the two started making home movies together.
He adds, "We had this old 8mm one-stop camera and made these little movies together. It's great, one of those father-and-son things we used to do together. Then, as I grew up and he was acting in films, I would go visit film sets. I was on the set of Labyrinth, which was amazing."
Jones' debut film Moon was named Best New British Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland last month (June09).