David Bowie's son Duncan Jones is wowing film critics with his directorial debut - a tense space drama called MOON.
The film, starring Sam Rockwell as a lonely astronaut mining helium on the far side of the moon, doesn't hit cinemas until the end of June (09) but reviewers are already raving about the moviemaker's talents.
Jones, who was born Zowie Bowie, also adapted the film's complex script from Nathan Parker's screenplay.
Rolling Stone reporter Claire Hoffman insists the director has "gone against the grain of sad celebrity spawn - he has made a great film."
She adds, "With its quiet, ominous pace, the film conjures up classic otherworldly greats 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Twilight Zone."
And WENN's Kev Lewin writes, "Duncan Jones will be a name to look out for. If Moon is any indication, we won't be able to ignore his thought-provoking films, and studio bosses will be keen to sign him up when they see what a great job he did with a measly $5 million budget."