David Bowie was so delighted to learn of his fan following in the U.S. in the 1960s, he penned a moving letter to one lucky follower thanking her for her support.
The rocker, who turns 63 on Friday (08Jan10), began performing in the U.K. in the early '60s, so was stunned to receive a fan letter from a keen American teenager in 1967.
He swiftly replied to Sandra Dodd, saying, "I've been waiting for some reaction to the album from American listeners. I hope one day to get to America. My manager tells me lots about it as he has been there many times with other acts he manages."
Bowie signed off: "Thank you for being so kind as to write to me and do please write again and let me know some more about yourself."
And Dodd still cherishes the touching letter.
She says, "It's beautiful. I never expected him to write back. He was a great writer. I told him his songs were as good as The Beatles. And I offered to start a fan club."