Wacky singer David Bowie gave son ZOWIE a typically idiosyncratic fatherly drugs chat when he was growing up - likening taking narcotics to a journey into space.

The JEAN GENIE star, who was well known for his consumption of intoxicants in the seventies, gave Zowie - who is now 31 and uses the name DUNCAN - a honest, non-judgmental appraisal of the dangers of drugs - with some intergalactic imagery thrown in for good measure.

Bowie, 56, says, "I explained that taking drugs is like a rocket journey. It's extraordinary and very exciting but with the ever-present danger that the whole thing may blow up and kill you.

"So if you ever consider taking drugs, know that. I'm not going to say that it wasn't great but it brings with it a price tag, that's all I can say. I can't even say they're a bad thing.

"I know addiction is a bad thing but that's not the same thing."

However, despite his refusal to condemn illegal drugs, Bowie's father to son chat worked.

He adds, "My son didn't become involved in drugs, drinking or smoking at all."

13/08/2003 13:59