Rocker David Bowie is disappointed people think he lives a isolated lifestyle - because he can often be found doing 'normal' things.

The Ziggy Stardust legend spends his time away from the spotlight with daughter ALEXANDRA and wife Iman in his adopted home of New York - and laughs off suggestions he is always surrounded by famous faces.

And to prove his down-to-earth attitude, the British-born musician has struck up a friendship with a man he met in the city's Central Park.

He says, "I'm not a terribly suspicious person. I've recently got friendly with a father and his little boy I met in the park with my daughter. He's there every single weekend and we really buddied up to each other.

"But we've only talked about music twice in all that time. The first time we started talking, he said, 'I would never have thought I'd find you in a park.'

"And it kind of upset me. Why wouldn't you believe that I would take my own daughter out? But I suppose that's the impression one has of celebrity."

20/11/2003 17:17