David Bowie's appearance in advertisements from Tommy Hilfiger's H HILFIGER line is motivated by one thing - money.

The British rocker features in the ads with his supermodel wife Iman, and he admits it's one of the few ways he can get exposure to a younger set of fans if he wants them to buy his music.

He says, "Did my eyes deceive me, or did I see Bob Dylan on a VICTORIA'S SECRET ad the other day? Go on, Bob!

"For a lot of guys my generation, (ads are) the only time you're going to get played on a mass medium. I want what I've done to get heard. It's all wallet-driven, you know.

"The whole notion of radio is to sell product. Guys who are 50 years old have mortgages on their houses, kids in college - and not the disposable income they once had.

15/04/2004 21:01