Rocker David Bowie has ruled out becoming the latest star to turn his songs into a musical by denying reports he has licensed his songs to be used in a new Broadway extravaganza.
U.K. reports linked Bowie to a new project by theatre impresario Peter Schaufuss, but the rocker's publicist insists Ziggy Stardust won't be hitting the stage anytime soon.
A spokesman for Bowie's RZO Music says, "We have licensed absolutely no material written by Mr. Bowie to Schaufuss. We have never been requested to and we do not intend to."
And the insider also denies other rumours suggesting writer Walter Tevis' The Man Who Fell To Earth is heading to Broadway.
Bowie starred in the movie adaptation of the book.
The spokesman adds, "We are close to the Walter Tevis Estate and we have first hand knowledge that they have not licensed the musical rights to Schaufuss either.
"Furthermore, the advertising for this production appears to be utilising an unauthorised name and likeness of Mr. Bowie and we will seek injunctions, if necessary, to stop their use."