Veteran rocker David Bowie has revealed his admiration for experimental British band Blur.

In an official posting on his website, the LIFE ON MARS legend declares his devotion to the BEETLEBUM indie giants, claiming a recent Blur performance he witnessed in New York "brought down the house".

He says, "Ever since (latest album) THINK TANK came out, I've been putting it on my 'go buy it' list to friends, so it was a treat when I found out they were playing in town.

"The Blur people gave us a very cool box on the upper right of the HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM so 'twas quite clubby in there. Great view and terrific sound as were parallel to the speakers."

"The gig itself was great. Very straight-ahead performance with no frills. Just great playing and lots of energy. SONG 2 brought the house down of course, as did all their earlier songs but the newer material also made its mark."

And Bowie's appreciation for their track Song 2 made its mark during his band's rehearsal the next day - he incorporated the tune into every one of his own songs.

01/09/2003 17:17