Legendary rocker David Bowie was forced off stage during his gig in the south of France last night (10NOV03), after losing his voice mid-performance - leaving a disgruntled audience behind him.

The veteran singer's trusty vocals collapsed during a rendition of his hit Ziggy Stardust at the concert in Nice, prompting Bowie to swiftly walk off without any explanation - much to the fury of his disappointed fans.

One disgruntled concert-goer tells local newspaper NICE-MATIN, "It was really disappointing. We understood he lost his voice, but he could at least have said goodbye.

"He could have spoken to us before leaving the stage, but he just left without a word and without saying sorry."

Bowie is due to resume his French tour tomorrow night (12NOV03) in Toulouse, but a statement hasn't been released to confirm whether he will be fit to perform.

11/11/2003 13:48