Rock icon David Bowie refuses to spoil his three-year-old daughter - because he can't see what good designer labels will do her.

Bowie's and supermodel wife Iman, 48, keeps a close eye on little ALEXANDRA to make sure she doesn't become a spoiled brat.

Iman, who hails from the poverty-stricken country of Somalia, says, "I see lots of mothers buying high fashion and couture for toddlers - I think it's disgusting. I just don't believe children should wear designer clothes at this age. There's GUCCI and BURBERRY for three-year-olds. What is Burberry going to do for her but spoil her rotten? I try to teach her the value of money.

"When LEXI says she needs a pair of shoes I say, 'What do you mean need? You may want them but you don't need anything.'"

05/01/2004 18:38