Rocker David Bowie has donated $10,000 (GBP5,000) to a legal fund set up to support six African-American teenagers caught up in a legal battle in Louisiana. The Jena Six have been charged in an alleged attack on a white classmate and Bowie's cash will help the teens' families pay for their defence. One of the six, Mychal Bell, is to be sentenced on second degree battery charges on Thursday (20Sep07). The 17-year-old was found guilty of the charges against him by a six-member all-white jury in June (07), but the case was overturned because Bell was 16 at the time, and was incorrectly tried as an adult. In a statement, Bowie says, "There is clearly a separate and unequal judicial process going on in the town of Jena. "A donation to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund is my small gesture, indicating my belief that a wrongful charge and sentence should be prevented." Bowie isn't the only celebrity offering his support - Twista, Killer Mike and Hurricane Chris are among the hip-hop heavyweights who will perform at a fundraising awareness concert in Alabama on 29 September (07), and soul star Stevie Wonder has publicly condemned America's media for ignoring the case.