Rocker David Bowie insists fans should thank his three-year-old daughter ALEXANDRIA for his decision to tour again.

The CHANGES singer, married to supermodel Iman, will kick off on a seven-month worldwide trek in Europe in October (03) - and Alexandria has a lot to do with the timing of the REALITY tour.

He says, "I'd better do it now because I can't pull her out of school in a few years."

Bowie also notes that Alexandria has had an upbeat influence on his music - the evidence of which will be unveiled when REALITY is released next month (SEP03). He adds, "I'm in an excellent place, rather an extended positivism. With the times we live in, having a family and all that, I have to find a positive light.

"A father can't slip into an abyss of negativity at this point. I want my daughter to be able to see things from an optimistic viewpoint."

19/08/2003 21:14