David Bowie and Kate Moss have left fans awaiting their music collaboration at this month's (FEB04) Brit Awards devastated - they've pulled out of the event because bosses couldn't meet their pay demands.

The icons were set to appear at the prestigious British awards ceremony but event chiefs refused to pay up the $90,000 (GBP50,000) the two stars were demanding for their performance, according to Britain's SUNDAY STAR newspaper.

A Brit insider says, "Originally they were really desperate to appear together.

"Kate really wants to get into singing because she has just hit 30 and knows that modelling work will dry up in the next few years. And she and Bowie are really good friends.

"As it was an ideal chance to make her name as a singer, you'd have thought she would do it for free - not demand such a ridiculous amount of money."

08/02/2004 14:31