Pop legends David Bowie and Meat Loaf are set for a showdown - because their bookings at a top hotel suite may collide.

The veteran singers are both playing gigs in Glasgow, Scotland in late November (03) and have made their reservations at the city's RADISSON HOTEL in advance.

Meat Loaf is due to check-out the same day Bowie arrives, but the bulky star has got staff panicking because he's requested a lie-in.

Added to the hotel's problems is the fact both stars have a long list of requirements for the room.

A hotel source says, "It was going to be quite difficult in the first place because it's such a quick turnaround.

"In an ideal world, we would like a whole day, or possibly two, to prepare for someone of David Bowie's calibre.

"There was a plan in place, the Meat Loaf surprised everybody by requesting a late check-out.

"Apparently, he has a free day after his concert in Glasgow and fancies a bit of a lie-in after his exertions.

"He is a very prestigious guest so we can't be seen to be telling him to get a move on. We just hope they don't end up sharing a double bed."

28/09/2003 14:08