David Bowie and his model wife Iman will appear together in a new advertising campaign for designer Tommy Hilfiger.

The celebrity couple will endorse the new H HILFIGER line, which will be launched in spring 2004, after posing for photographer ELLEN VON UNWERTH in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, earlier this month (OCT03).

Bowie says, "I very much admire Tommy's ability to weave so many influences into his work. Iman and I are thrilled to be working with him."

Hilfiger is just as thrilled; "David Bowie and Iman bring everything I'm looking for to represent this brand - music, style, elegance, creativity, sophistication.

"Together they communicate the essence of the H Hilfiger lifestyle perfectly, and I'm honoured to feature them in my new campaign."

28/10/2003 09:19