Angie Bowie was taking part in Celebrity Big Brother when the shocking news of Bowie's passing hit headlines around the world on 11 January (16), and producers of the show took her to a private room to inform her of the tragedy.

Angie admits it briefly crossed her mind that the show bosses were playing a morbid prank on her to boost ratings but she quickly realised her agent would not be party to such a sick stunt.

She was left stunned by the news, and viewers later saw her break down in tears as the pop star's death sunk in, and she eventually quit the show a week after she was first informed.

Producers said the former model had been "unwell for a few days" and now she has spoken out to reveal she was suffering from agonising grief over Bowie's death because he is the father of her estranged son Duncan Jones.

Angie tells U.K. talk show Loose Women it took her a few days to realise why she felt so ill, saying, "I got sick 'cos of it... It wasn't until somebody - a very caring, compassionate person - said something about, 'You have a son together' and I thought, 'That's what it is'."

Recalling the moment she was given the tragic news, and remembering her initial fear that it was a prank, Angie says, "It didn't sink in immediately but I must be honest, I didn't actually think (the producers would) sink that low. I looked at my agent and I thought, 'No, he would not be party to this'. And because he was there, I said, 'Nah, he wouldn't be party to that'. It was fine, except I couldn't believe it. I thought I would die first."

Asked if she knew Bowie was ill, she replies, "I don't think anyone knew. Let me take this opportunity to say that I think he staged his passing rather well."

Angie also insisted she does not rue her divorce from Bowie after nine years of marriage, adding, "(I have) no regret whatsoever - he was obnoxious! And I realised the possibility that I would never, ever hear from him again."

However, she is also convinced the tragedy will not change the situation with Duncan, who she has not seen for around 30 years. Asked if she believes he will contact her now his father is dead, she replies, "I doubt it. Uh-uh."

Bowie died on 10 January (16) after an 18-month battle with liver cancer.