The elements made illusionist David Blaine's fast stunt extra difficult - because he didn't realise he'd be dealing with such extreme temperatures.

The American, who starved for 44 days locked in a Perspex box, picked London as the site for the stunt because he felt sure the British capital's weather would be cool, dull and overcast.

Unfortunately, Britain enjoyed a mini-heatwave during his time there.

Speaking to CNN newsman Larry King, who Blaine showed around his box last night (05NOV03), he said, "It was sunny every day except for two days and, because it was so sunny, this was like a greenhouse.

"The temperature was 114 degrees in the daytime on most days and 34 degrees at night."

To make matters worse, one of the two heaters that were installed in the box to help him stay warm at night "went out" in the first few days.

He added, "These were at the top and when you're sleeping at the bottom and it's cold in the night these do absolutely nothing. The cold was the top three most terrible things I had to face."

06/11/2003 21:02