Madcap illusionist David Blaine admits his next stunt is the riskiest he has ever undertaken - and warns observers they'll be able to see his open wounds.

David, 30, is set to spend 44 days and nights in a glass box suspended over the River Thames in London, England.

And the magician will survive solely on a diet of water fed to him through a tube.

David says, "You will see my skin have open wounds and lesions. When you have nothing but water in your body, your skin begins to rip open and scab.

"You are surviving by digesting your own muscles and organs. You will see it first hand.

"I have never done this and I don't know anyone who has. I have never tested myself like this, not even close.

"Sometimes I am scared. My biggest fear is coming out of there brain damaged."

26/08/2003 13:46