Madcap illusionist David Blaine uses his brooding charm and distinctive stare to win over any woman whom he desires.

The 30-year-old magician is currently dating German model MANON VON GERKAN and is known as a ladies man, having previously been linked with beauties including sexy SPLASH star Daryl Hannah, supermodel Josie Maran and singers Fiona Apple and Madonna.

And his manager and pal JONNY PODELL claims David has always possessed the ability to woo women at will.

Jonny says, "He has always been extremely successful with women.

"It's his mysteriousness. He uses his voice like a tool - he looks into their eyes and tells them he knows what they're thinking.

"I used to watch him in awe. He rarely failed, even as a young kid - and even when he did, it rarely dented his ego, he just moved onto the next one.

"David has never lacked self-confidence."

Later today (05SEP03), Blaine will climb into a small Perspex box - suspended from a crane above the River Thames in London - where he will attempt to stay without food for more than six weeks, with no communication or distractions.

His only nourishment will be a tube feeding him water.

05/09/2003 13:46