Illusionist and daredevil David Blaine is planning a new Tv special, which will feature him wowing the likes of Ricky Gervais, Woody Allen and Robert De Niro with his tricks.

The magician will host a 90-minute Tv event in November (13), when he will perform in front of celebrities including Katy Perry, Stephen Hawking and former U.S. President George W. Bush.

He tells the Hollywood Reporter, "I went after all of the people that I loved the most and surprised them and did magic in places that I knew people would understand that I couldn't have staged or set up or had people pretending.

"I wanted it to all be believable and went after people you never could get to pretend. I combined that with going into the streets and encountering all different people to do magic non-stop."

The magic tricks will take place in intimate environments to allow the viewer to figure out what's real and what's based in magic.

He explains, "It took me six years to figure this one out and I've been slowly assembling it over the past year and worked non-stop to make this the best I could."

"There's no weird props; everything is what exists in the place as is - it's stuff I can do anywhere, any time. It's not Tv magic, it's real magic."