Illusionist David Blaine was shocked to find his 44-day ABOVE THE BELOW ordeal was peppered with live sex shows.

The American magician admits the taunts, flashing and rudeness during his starvation stunt in London didn't bother him - but he was kept entertained by the outdoor romping.

He laughs, "Late at night you could see couples in business suits - a business suit with his wife having sex in front of me at 4am. If I was to do it again I would have a camera in there so everybody could have seen what I saw."

However, it was the annoying attempts of a child which brought Blaine to the brink of prematurely ending his ordeal.

The 30-year-old says, "There was a kid I called BAM-BAM. He made this noise - this tune - for 24 hours and kids around him were screaming loudly with him. If I had heard him for much longer I would have quit.

"The eggs and paintballs didn't bother me - it was just the child."

03/12/2003 13:49