Illusionist David Blaine is already planning his next stunt after spending 44 days encased in a box above London's River Thames - he'll be 'diving to death' from a helicopter.

Blaine came up with the idea in a bid to try and keep his mind sharp during his fast, and he reveals the death-defying leap will be terrifying.

He says, "The whole time I was in that box I wrote down a whole list of what I need to do and the next thing I'm going to do is a crazy one.

"It has to do with a helicopter and me falling from a helicopter into a river, and it's called DIVE OF DEATH, and it's going to be from such a tremendous height that there's only a couple of people who have lived from that height, falling into water - because when you fall at that height it's like hitting pavement.

"There will be no dummy. I'm going to learn how to hit water from a tremendous height, not the full height, but like 110 feet.

"It can be done but it can go terribly wrong, like everything I do."

06/11/2003 09:49